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We are registered

IMMagine Australia Immigration's Migration Agents Registration Numbers (MARN) are: 

Myer Lipschitz - 0957242

Kane Downs - 0962296

Anka Sahin  - 0640984

Adam Strauss - 1467147

Tim McSweeney - 1572303

Debbie Micmacher - 1461729

The Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) operates nationally to regulate the migration advice profession under section 316 of the Migration Act 1958. Their functions include:

  • Processing applications for registration to operate as a migration agent (it is against the law to operate as a migration agent in Australia if not registered);
  • Administering a scheme of continuing professional development that ensures that migration agents keep their knowledge up to date;
  • Helping consumers by monitoring the conduct of agents and investigating complaints about possible breaches of the Migration Agents Code of Conduct. The code has mandatory standards of ethics and professionalism for registered migration agents.

As Myer Lipschitz also provides New Zealand immigration advice he is licensed as an immigration adviser by the Immigration Advisers Authority Immigration Advisers Authority (IAA) in New Zealand.  His licence number is 200800310.  The IAA operates a similar function in New Zealand to MARA.

In addition Anka Sahin also holds a New Zealand immigration license issued by the IAA, his number is 200800332.

Code of Conduct