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Making the decision to settle in a new country can be daunting. 

A successful migrant is one that understands there is no 'easy way' through the process. It takes guts, determination and persistence to make this process work and no two migrants will experience the journey in the same way. Even the most seemingly ‘straightforward’ cases can hit unexpected challenges on the journey to settling in New Zealand. 

It is a deeply personal process and next to getting married, buying your first home or having your first child, one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. It will test even the strongest of people and there are many people who try this on their own or with poor advice that fail. This is a costly setback. Those who do prepare understand precisely what lies ahead of them and the value of good advice in order to have the best possible chance at success.

You will have your own reasons for migrating and your own motivations for wanting to move half (or possibly the whole) way around the world and an adviser understanding those factors is a key step in the process. IMMagine is made up of Kiwis, Australians, South Africans, Malaysians and more - we understand the process at a personal level.

We’re not in the business of telling you what forms to fill out and lodge - we go beyond that. We become your friend and advocate and our track record and experience gives us the knowledge and ability to keep you on track. 

We're often asked if it's worth using an adviser when you can apply online yourself. 

The real question is “is it worth getting wrong?” The value you place on you and your family's future can't be measured in dollars and cents. When you are looking for advice that will protect your future it pays to buy the best and to not take unnecessary risks.

Remember that good advice from professionals costs money - you’re paying for the expertise, experience and knowledge accumulated over years and years of practice as well as the most knowledgeable and dedicated advocate for your individual case.

We help people from all over the world settle in New Zealand

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IMMagine New Zealand

IMMagine has offices based in both Melbourne, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand from which we've helped over 24 000 people settle in either country. IMMagine is one of the most trusted and reliable names in this industry and only take on clients who we know have a chance of successfully traversing the migration road with us. Read more about us here.

Immigration Seminars

If you want to learn more about New Zealand as a migration destination, New Zealand Immigration policy and processes, check here to see if we have seminars planned for your city. We regularly visit South Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Alternatively, we do telephonic and Skype assessments too.

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