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Free Seminars

IMMagine hosts immigration seminars about moving to Australia, Australian immigration policy as well as giving you an insight into what New Zealand might be like. Our seminars are always free, and you're under no obligation to book a one-on-one assessment.

1-on-1 Assessment

1-on-1 Assessment

The first step on your search for answers is to establish your eligibility for the sort of visa outcome you are after. If you want to settle permanently or work in Australia we want to help you identify if it is possible, explain a strategy to make it happen and to assist you to work through timelines and costs in a one-on-one environment.


What's Australia like?

We could tell you a lot about life in Australia – it’s a great place to live; however that would take up a website of its own. In our experience there are four key things that people need to know about when making the move.